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Wide-ranging house audio-video system on mind? Let us get you started on the path to professional music and audio from ground zero.

Imagine music moving with you, playing seamlessly whether you move to the kitchen, bedroom, living area, or absolutely anywhere in your home. Pause a movie in the living room and later continue watching it in your bedroom from where you stopped. If you live in a house where multiple people want to use the speakers at the same time, if someone wants to enjoy music in a bedroom, while somebody else wants to watch a movie in the living room, then a multi-source system will reduce the confusions over the control of favourite AV contents.

Whether it be the media room, kitchen, bathroom, an AV distribution ties together all the various zones of your house or office. AV integrates these different areas of your home as ‘zones’. All of the individual AV specifications and needs are closely connected together for them to work seamlessly and to be able to control it from one place using automation.

Many prefer to include a media room in their home plans as they are a perfect party spot for entertainment. You can instantly play your favourite music, TV channel, OTT streaming and even keep a check on your security cameras through a mobile app. There are multipurpose media rooms designed in in order that any visitor can enjoy their preferences. All the audio-video and networking equipment sources are controlled from one equipment rack installed anywhere in the premises. This array and control automation design not only eliminate cost and clutter of buying multiple sets of equipment for each room, rather it makes the entire space way more efficient and easier to handle. All you need is the control app for your home and advise our tech team about what specific functions you want in each room.

An AV integrated solution distributes the DTH/ cable TV source or a streaming player to different environments and zones throughout your home. Sources are set up in a centralized location, known as the ‘head-end’ giving you the convenience of enjoying movies, music and any media in any room. The system will alert the equipment inside the rack and instantly starts performing the task inside the room in which you are in. This function will come to help when you are working in the kitchen and want to tell your children who are in the other room to come down for food. This will result in less shouting and a much friendly and technology oriented family communication with the help of automation and AV distribution installed throughout your home. Another example for this is, if you are upstairs in your room, enjoying a movie and then the doorbell rings. The home control app can be used to watch the front door security camera and see who is the visitor.

If you still have queries regarding the advantages of an AV distribution system, ping a message on our contact page. We will be happy to assist you.

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