Accusound OM1150


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Product Description

The new OM-1150 is our entry level 5.1 system is now in stores. This system has 2 floor standing front speakers, 1 centre speaker, 2 rear surround speakers and a powered subwoofer. The powered subwoofer is fitted with 1 watt standby power consumption to save power.

Front speakers
These speakers have a new designed front section featuring 2 x 165mm drivers and the 25mm soft dome tweeter behind the piano finish baffle. The box has been shortened in height and depth compared to our previous model but still with the great sound. The gold speaker terminals are designed to take banana plugs or straight thick wire. This speaker gives you tight bass, clear midrange and crisp highs.

Centre Speaker
The centre speaker delivers clear vocals for speech, music and effects. The 2 x 100mm drivers produce mid bass and midrange and the 25mm tweeter produces clear crisp highs. We have made the centre speaker as small as possible to fit into low line cabinets. These have gold plated banana plug terminals.

Rear Surrounds
Surround speakers deliver all the effects from movies, voice and instruments from music. The 1 x 100mm driver produces bass and midrange and the 25mm tweeter produces clear highs. The rear surrounds come fitted with wall hanging clips on the rear of the speaker. We have added gold plated banana plug terminals. You can also purchase extra rear surround speakers to turn your 5.1 system into 7.1 or with the addition of an extra subwoofer 7.2

Powered Subwoofer
The OM-1150 powered subwoofer has a 120 watt double insulated power amplifier, a 250mm driver that will give you bass like you have never heard before. No normal speaker can deliver low frequency bass at the volume of a subwoofer. The controls are designed to set and forget. We have a Volume, Phase, Crossover control, Power and Standby Switch. You can pre set the subwoofer to automatically go into standby to save power with 1 watt standby power consumption. When the system is not being used and turn back on when you start a movie or music. You can also set the standby switch to off. This way you can have the subwoofer active all the time.