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Nov, 2014

India’s First Auro 3D Home Theater Installation in Cochin

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Metro Digitals, the premier Audio Video system integrators in Kerala have successfully commissioned India’s first ever home theater featuring Auro 3D.

Auro-3D is an immersive 3D audio format, designed along three layers of sound, having additional speakers for surround, height and overhead ceiling.

Auro-3D creates a spatial sound field by adding a height layer around the audience on top of the traditional surround sound system, enveloping the viewer / listener in an enveloping sound field all around him. This is achieved by the Datasat LS10 audio processor featuring Auro-3D, which  was released worldwide at ISE 2014 held in Amsterdam in February.

In this home theater, audio really comes alive through the 18 THX certified speakers, driven by dedicated Yamaha amplifiers along with separate amplifiers for the stereo subwoofers.

The stunning images are from the 3D ready JVC X700 Full HD D-ILA projector, featuring, 4K e-shift 2 technology, and carries both ISF and THX endorsements

The screen is also a super special 150″ CinemaScope Fixed frame screen with acoustic pro 4K fabric –from Elite USA

Needless to say, all the functions of the home theater including electronics, lighting, air conditioning are Fully Automated using custom software on an ipad.


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