About us



Metro Digital Media assists in fabulous audio visual solutions to the lifestyle of Kochi, one of the fastest growing metros in India. Our operations and services spans across the state of Kerala. Conceiving the craft and rhythm of providing excellence in audio visual arena, we are committed to share our expertise and knowledge in acoustics and visual technologies. This initiative transforms the feel in Cinema Theatres, Multiplexes and professional home theatres executed under our consultancy.

Being a leader in serving the film and television industry, our primary establishment Metro Digitals Film & Television Studio was the first to introduce non-linier edit stations before a decade in the post production infrastructure of Malayalam. Widely known for introducing cutting edge technologies and offering the world’s advanced film and audio editing solutions namely Final cut pro, Pro-tools and Avid Media Composer installed in Mac Pro and Windows work stations., our repute stays ahead in adopting improvisations.

World’s top of the line THX certified brands like Klipsch, Jamo, Crystal acoustics, Marantz,Onkyo,Denon,Pioneer,Yamaha,JBL,Focal,Davis acoustics,Phase Technology,Elac,Genlec,Tannoy, Q acoustics, Apart, Electrovoice, TOA, QSC, AKG, Crown, Panasonic, Sony, Epson, Benq, JVC, Optoma, Viewsonic, Infocus, Datasat Bandridge, Profigold ,Belden, Molex, Crestron, Elan, Samsung, Grandview and Elite USA  are associated with us. It adds a feather to our cap; by becoming the first in Kerala state to design, build and install Klipsch THX Ultra2 certified system. Thanks to the dynamics, purity and perfection of the Klipschorn made in USA, which is the only speaker in the world that has been in continuous production, relatively unchanged, for over 60 years.


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